The home is where dreams are born.

La Casa di Loto is an artisan workshop specialised in knitwear, founded in 2004 after ten years of experience in the textile industry. The project stems from the need to produce high-quality garments at the best possible price by optimising the production chain with vertical integration.
For this reason, La Casa di Loto designs, produces and sells its garments directly to the customer through its two stores in Cittadella and Venice.

The production is unique, artisan and limited edition, with the garments being produced in the textile district of Carpi upon selecting only Italian yarns and natural fibres, including pure wool, pure cashmere, silk and cotton. Such attention to the choice of materials and production is comparable to the relationship with the customer based on respect for the consumer, being concepts that are expressed from the outset in the name of the project itself.

Throughout its years in operation, La Casa di Loto has been rewarded for its distinguishing value and spirit by being selected in the best national and international guides, including that of Louis Vuitton, which listed the showroom in Venice amongst the best shops in the Veneto capital.